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Front End Developer (Unibet)

The gaming industry has demanding requirements on agility and time-to-market along with being a scalable, high performance 24/7 online business. If you want to work with transaction intensive, high volume online business, Unibet is the place to be. Unibet uses some of the latest agile/lean concepts throughout the development process using a modern technology stack with a foundation in Java/Spring in a modular SOA/EDA architecture. Development teams are responsible for green-field development, realizing new and exciting ideas following it through the whole product life cycle, as well as maintaining our production site, keeping it running smoothly 24/7. Unibet strongly believes in team empowerment and all team members take an active part in our business development.

We use a customized platform based on Atex Polopoly to power our web shop. The Web-team is responsible for all front end development at Unibet. We have a modern web architecture based on web-apis and heavy use of Ajax, which means that we rely on browser based integration to decouple the web platform from the core gaming platform. The web team works closely with other teams in order to provide our customers with a state of the art eGaming experience that is capable of skinning, white-labelling and B2B.

Personal Skills

Technical /Functional Skills - System developer

About Unibet

Stan James

Unibet is a company that operates with online gambling and offers such products as online casino, online poker, online bingo.
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